This evening as I was eating dinner, another massage therapist in town who was eating at the same restaurant stopped to talk. They had thought of me earlier that week. As we talked, they asked if I was planning to teach classes for CEU’s. I have considered teaching, but it has been in the back of my mind. I recognize that many licensed massage therapists look for ways to increase their ability to help their clients and extend their careers.

Just the other day Andrea Grigsby asked me what I planned to teach. I was unsure how to answer her question. I answered her the same way I answered the other therapist, that is I plan to do group sessions with a group of clients and multiple therapists.

Regarding a topic, the first topic that comes to mind is palpatory certainty, the second is one’s belief systems in massage therapy, and the third is steps that one can take to increase visibility and profitability. Another option is the lenses that we use to assess our clients’ challenges or pain. I feel strongly that the fewer lenses we use to look at a challenge, the less comprehensive and efficient we are, and the more blind spots we have. The more we see the better we can help. The bigger problems we can help our clients with, the more in demand our offering will be.

How can we help more people? What will I choose to teach? If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

Jon Schauer

PS Striving to offer even more advanced pain relief in Bismarck North Dakota.