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Dr. Pompa’s team offers testing for cellular inflammation markers.
The testing starts with a consult and at home test, followed by a consult.
Many have found significant relief from body-wide challenges through his program.

Dr. Barnes is an international authority on myofascial release.
He has trained over 100,000 therapists and has taught myofascial release for over 50 years.

Tom Meyers is an international author and teacher.
Tom learned Structural Integration directly from Dr. Ida Rolf in the 1970’s.
Tom taught Anatomy at the Rolf Institute in Colorado for approximately 25 years.
Tom’s Anatomy Trains Structural Integration approach involves a 12-series that systematically works at easing and releasing body-wide patterns of tension.

Jon Schauer’s Recommendations:

Professionals and Massage Therapists in Bismarck ND

Bismarck Naturopathic Doctors

Core Health Strategies

Dr. Link and Dr. Davison

IV nutrition, Hyperbaric Chamber, and Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM). Medical Doctor on location.

Evergreen Health
Dr. Faye Johnson

Muscle testing, Acupuncture, Red Light Therapy and Laser Therapy

Bismarck Chiropractors

Health Source Chiropractic
Dr. Carlyle Scott

Excellent for lumbar challenges and strengthening exercises.

Bismarck Massage, MFR and Stretch Therapy

One Massage – Andrea Grigsby BCTMB
Highly skilled at bringing the body into a parasympathetic state.
Her neuro-fascial work incorporates active breathing and micromovements into each session.

Indigo Body Balancing – Alyse Raynewell
Stretch therapy and dynamic body balancing facilitator.
Alyse has an intuitive approach and is a skilled conversationalist.

ND Therapeutic Massage – Melissa Schauer LMT
Various massage techniques, calming demeanor.

Trusted Touch Wellness – Beth Joseph PT DPT LMT
Outstanding deep tissue bodywork, especially for the neck.

Myofascial Freedom and Wellness – Shawna Wing OTR/L JFB-MFR
Extensive experience with post-concussion(s) therapy.
Accepts Sanford Insurance and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
In order to schedule with insurance, you must have a referral from your doctor for Occupational Therapy.